1. Antibiotic Mechanism

Silver is a non-toxic or carcinogenic substance, and even in very small amounts, it is toxic to microorganisms, which are toxic lower animals.

It is used in urethral fungicides, rhinitis treatments, eye drops, and pneumonia drugs worldwide because it blocks and sterilizes bacterial activity.

  • Silver ions (Ag+) are charged with + and strongly bind to the surface of bacteria that are charged with -, destroying the cell membrane and killing the bacteria.
  • In the presence of moisture, the silver antibacterial agent elutes the silver ions in a very small amount.
  • When a bacteria ingests a very small amount of silver ions, it reacts with and binds to the enzyme (-SH group) in the bacteria and loses enzyme activity.
  • Silver ions react with the DNA of bacteria to reduce reproduction due to respiratory and metabolic disorders, as well as kill bacteria.




2. Product features

  • Contains silver (Ag), which is traditionally known to have excellent antibacterial properties,
    As a result of antibacterial test (JIS Z 2801, film adhesion method), it is a product with excellent performance with 99.9% antibacterial activity.
  • Eco-friendly, silicone material with little harm to humans, it has good elasticity, anti-shock, anti-slip, anti-static, and good fit.
  • The length can be cut according to the user's convenience, washed and reused, and can be used semi-permanently.
  • It can be applied to multi-use facilities, government offices, and homes.



3. Caution

  • Please check the size and shape of the handle before purchasing.
  • Be aware that sharp tools such as knives and scissors may damage the product and tear it.
  • If the product packaging is damaged or the inner plastic packaging is opened, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Please refrain from attaching the product in bitter cold weather, and be careful as it may be torn if the product is scratched with a fingernail or sharp tool.

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